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Chaffey Adult School offers a variety of computer technology courses that enable *non-ESL students to perform in the current office environment. All classes are open-entry, instructor guided and tutorial based. Starting Fall 2021, we have added MOS Certification Testing. Demonstrate your MS software strengths to employers by becoming certified in: Word Specialist/Expert, Excel Specialist/Expert, Access Specialist/Expert, or PowerPoint Specialist/Expert.  Please see your teacher or call (909)391-5365 for more details.

Day and evening classes are available and students must meet the prerequisites for each of the courses. 

The fee for each module is $40 plus a $5 materials fee.  Note: All courses require a flash drive/memory stick to begin.

Typing Certificates are available for non-students for a fee of $25.  Please call (909)391-5365 to make an appointment.

Lab hours are as follows:






8:30 am-11:30 am

7th St. K-4






6:00-9:00 pm


6:00-9:00 pm



*ESL students who wish to take computer classes can find computer classes schedule here.


Keyboarding I
An introduction to Keyboarding: Learn proper "Touch Typing" techniques for building speed and accuracy.
Prerequisite: None

Computer Applications I

  • Beginning Keyboarding-Basic use of the keyboard and techniques designed to achieve 15 NWPM
  • Computer Concepts - Learn computer components, windows and internet skills
  • Introduction to basic Office 2016 skills
  • Prerequisite: None


Word Processing I utilizing Microsoft Word 2016
For the beginning/intermediate user to learn to create letters, memos, reports formatting text, tabs, bullets and numbering, tables, clip art, columns, and mail merge.
Prerequisite: Type 15-20 NWPM with 5 or few errors

Word Processing II utilizing Microsoft Word 2016
For the intermediate/advanced user to learn to crease: headers/footers, bibliographies and citations, templates, shapes, SmartArt, table of contents, track changes, digital signature, macros, and integration.
Prerequisite: Word Processing I (or test out), type 25 NWPM with 5 or few errors.

Spreadsheets I utilizing Microsoft Excel 2016
For the beginning/intermediate user to learn: worksheet basics, formulas, functions, multiple worksheet management, formatting cells, hiding columns and rows, charts, tables and outlines, sort and filter.
Prerequisite: Word Processing I, type 20 NWPM with 5 or fewer errors.

Spreadsheets II utilizing Microsoft Excel 2016
For the intermediate/advanced user to learn: graphics and shapes, templates, protect a worksheet, digital signature, pivot tables, macros, PMT, FV functions, data analysis tools, comments, merging, integration.
Prerequisite: Spreadsheets I (or test out), type 20 NWPM and 5 or fewer errors.

Presentation Applications utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
For the beginning/intermediate/advanced user to learn to create presentations and utilize design tools with sounds, graphics and animations.
Prerequisite: Word Processing I, Spreadsheets I, type 25 NWPM with fewer than 5 errors


Computer lab teachers may be reached at the following email addresses:

Phil Alvarez

Kimberly Ornelas