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Classes are subject to change from distance learning to a hybrid or staggered meeting format per COVID-19 conditions.


Chaffey Adult School offers a variety of computer technology courses that enable students to perform in the current office environment. All classes are open-entry, instructor guided and tutorial based. Some courses are articulated with Chaffey College for college credit.  Please see the instructor for details.

Our courses include Keyboarding I, Computer Competency, Computer Applications I, Word Processing I and II, Spreadsheets I and II, Database Applications I, Presentation Applications and Publication Applications Software, all based on Microsoft Office 2016. Day and evening classes are available and students must meet the prerequisites for each of the courses. 

The fee for each module is $40 plus a $5 materials fee.  Note: All courses require a flash drive/memory stick to begin.

Typing Certificates are available for non-students for a fee of $25.  Call for an appointment.

Lab hours are as follows:






8:30 am-11:30 am

7th St. K-4



6:00-9:00 pm

7th St. K-4



6:00-9:00 pm

7th St. K-4




Keyboarding I
An instruction to Keyboarding: Learn proper "Touch Typing" techniques for building speed and accuracy.
Prerequisite: None

Computer Applications I

  • Beginning Keyboarding-Basic use of the keyboard and techniques designed to achieve 15 NWPM
  • Computer Concepts - Learn computer components, windows and internet skills
  • Introduction to basic Office 2016 skills
  • Prerequisite: None


Word Processing I utilizing Microsoft Word 2016
For the beginning/intermediate user to learn to create letters, memos, reports formatting text, tabs, bullets and numbering, tables, clip art, columns, and mail merge.
Prerequisite: Type 15-20 NWPM with 5 or few errors

Word Processing II utilizing Microsoft Word 2016
For the intermediate/advanced user to learn to crease: headers/footers, bibliographies and citations, templates, shapes, SmartArt, table of contents, track changes, digital signature, macros, and integration.
Prerequisite: Word Processing I (or test out), type 25 NWPM with 5 or few errors.

Advanced Word Processing utilizing Microsoft Word 2016 desktop publishing
Learn how to create desktop publishing documents using Microsoft Word such as newsletters, business cards, certificates, flyers and announcements and much more.
Prerequisite: Word I and II, type 25 NWPM

Spreadsheets I utilizing Microsoft Excel 2016
For the beginning/intermediate user to learn: worksheet basics, formulas, functions, multiple worksheet management, formatting cells, hiding columns and rows, charts, tables and outlines, sort and filter.
Prerequisite: Word Processing I, type 20 NWPM with 5 or fewer errors.

Spreadsheets II utilizing Microsoft Excel 2016
For the intermediate/advanced user to learn: graphics and shapes, templates, protect a worksheet, digital signature, pivot tables, macros, PMT, FV functions, data analysis tools, comments, merging, integration.
Prerequisite: Spreadsheets I (or test out), type 20 NWPM and 5 or fewer errors.

Presentation Applications utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
For the beginning/intermediate/advanced user to learn to create presentations and utilize design tools with sounds, graphics and animations.
Prerequisite: Word Processing I, Spreadsheets I, type 25 NWPM with fewer than 5 errors

Database Applicationsutilizing Microsoft Access 2016
For the beginning/intermediate user. Learn how to build a database,maintain a database, perform a query, design a relational database and create complex queries.
Prerequisite: Word Processing I and II, Spreadsheets I and II, type 25 NWPM

Publishing Applications utilizing Microsoft Publisher 2016
Learn to create a publication: use ruler guides and layout guides, text boxes, tables, clip art, styles, columns, drop caps, master pages, headers/footers, border art, importing text.
Prerequisite: Word Processing I and II, Spreadsheets I and II, type 25 NWPM with 5 or few errors


Computer lab teachers may be reached at the following email addresses:

Phil Alvarez

Kim Ornelas